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Iddink Group learning platform

Set up new learning environments quickly and flexibly thanks to a scalable data platform

Since the acquisition by Sanoma Learning, Iddink Group has been one of the largest players in the Netherlands in the field of learning solutions for secondary education. More than 2 million students and teachers use Iddink Group products every day to develop themselves in a way that suits them. They do this by using learning environments in the form of apps and websites. Iddink Group was looking for a data and development platform with which all learning environments could be scaled and reliably maintained

Personal learning

Iddink group developed a learning platform with which a teacher can prepare learning routes for his or her students. This is done simply on the basis of methods that the teacher already uses. The student receives learning tasks and learning goals that are tailor-made. This creates a good balance between learning pace and challenge for the students.

Data about the subject matter and the learning performance is the heart of this learning platform. Data provides the right insights and thus brings value to teachers and students.

The question from Iddink Group

Iddink was looking for a solution with a number of specific requirements for its newly developed learning platform. In order to grow in line with future wishes, a solution was needed that made it easy to model data and that the data model could easily grow in the future, without complex migrations and adjustments.

Iddink uses a model and event driven development, and the solution had to support it. The platform also had to work entirely in the cloud, so that the management costs are low and it is easy to scale up.

InformationGrid as a development and data platform

Iddink started in 2014 with a pilot project based on InformationGrid. After the successful pilot phase, it was decided to base the application development of the new learning platform on the InformationGrid platform.

All development teams work on the basis of InformationGrid. InformationGrid stores all data, such as student data, subjects and their performance. Data models and the associated APIs, events and analyzes are also managed in InformationGrid. InformationGrid’s integrated approach ensures that data models are automatically converted into events and APIs and that data can be read out easily, without programming. This saves a lot of time and therefore costs. This also ensures a more manageable situation that fits well in a modern event-driven architecture. Authorization, security and compliance are centrally organized and monitored.

InformationGrid’s native cloud infrastructure makes it easy to test new functionality through test environments and put it live reliably. Because InformationGrid works cloud-independently, Iddink was able to switch to another cloud provider relatively quickly.

The result for Iddink Group

InformationGrid enables Iddink to develop data-intensive applications in a predictable way. Thanks to InformationGrid, the time-to-market is shorter and Iddink’s digital services can be continuously developed and improved.