Release 2023.2

Introducing new user onboarding and password reset flow

With the newly added onboarding flow it’s now possible to onboard users allowing them to choose their own password. When adding a new user, entering an email address and leaving the password field empty will result in a welcome email with instructions to set a password being sent to the newly created user. After setting a password the new user can now login using the chosen password.
Besides the onboarding flow, a password reset flow has been introduced as well. When the ‘Forgot password’ button is clicked a user can now request a password reset by following the provided instructions.


  • Select boxes in multiple workbench views have been extended now allowing to search/filter them, and they will take all available height and automatically resize upon resizing the sidebar.


  • It’s now possible see logically deleted events in the timeline within the aggregate view;
  • It is possible again to browse event-sourced collections in the collection browser;
  • Duplicates in the list of related configurations within the authorisation view are now hidden;
  • When saving or deletion of a user fails, a proper error message is now displayed within the user view;
  • When resetting a message processor, the data in the topic is now re-processed;
  • When making changes to an aggregate model resource type, those changes are now propagated to the recipes where the instance lookup is used.
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