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Your data is one of your most important assets. So your data deserves a place where it can create insights, improve performance or drive customer interactions. Realtime and in an extremely resilient environment. InformationGrid is the best place to store your valuable data and develop data driven applications that can last a lifetime.

What is InformationGrid?

InformationGrid is a model driven data platform. It combines a a cloud native infrastructure with an event driven development approach. This combination allows enterprises to integrate data sources, build data intensive applications and deploy them on cloud or edge locations.


Rock solid infrastructure

InformationGrid is a proven cloud native data solution and scales automatically with your demand. Spend less time configuring resources and save time with the integrated workbench and cloud console.

High data quality

InformationGrid uses innovative and advanced ways to retrieve and store data. This ensures a higher data quality and provides excellent data lineage and auditing capabilities.

100% in control of your data

Achieve 100% complete data lineage, traceability and data proveanance by using InformationGrid for your distributed data. Personal data protection and data cleansing guarantee compliance with GDPR and other privacy laws.

High developer productivity

Developers who use InformationGrid deliver applications faster and write less code. Applications are easier to develop, deploy, manage and scale.  



Hybrid cloud infrastructure

Fully managed AWS or Azure cloud infrastructure.


Event driven

The event driven and event sourcing architecture ensures high speed high volume asynchronous data handling.


Secure & compliant

Audited for medical and privacy sensitive applications. Integrated GDPR, pseudonymizing and data cleansing functionality


Domain driven design

Models are used to develop applications and queries. This means less coding and better reuse.


Data governance

Strict schema management, revisable data transformations and data cleansing will increase your data quality.



Build and manage your data and applications from the InformationGrid workbench.

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“InformationGrid is the data backbone for all our application development”

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