a cloud-native secure data platform for model-based domain driven development

The structure and meaning of data continuously change. The best way to react to these changes is in a way that is both secure and takes into account you systems’ need for model-based descriptions. Our approach for these challenges is event-driven and domain oriented (DDD). It is this combination that allows you to evolve structures over time and will help you with the development of new applications, as well as a future-proof data landscape.

What is InformationGrid?

InformationGrid is an opinionated, model driven data platform. It combines a cloud native infrastructure with an event driven development approach. This combination allows organizations to integrate data sources, build data intensive applications and deploy them on cloud or edge locations.

Main Features


Modelling workbench

Define your models, aggregates and events using the user-friendly workbench. Manage all your APIs, configurations, and infrastructure from the workbench.


Support for DDD

A suitable solution for organizations looking for a tool to implement the principles that form Domain Driven Design


Advanced data security

Use secure data management, lineage and timelines in historic data with fine-grained security policies and using attribute-based control.


Cloud-native infrastructure with dedicated management dashboards

Runs on any Cloud-Native infrastructure (AWS, Azure, or on premise) and scales with your demand.


MACH Architecture

Combine models and application components to create services, applications, or APIs with only a few clicks.


GDPR Compliance and always in control of your data

Thanks to full audit trails, traceability, data provenance and authorization

Faster data valorization

Allows you to optimize operational performance, develop new services, monetize information or personalize customer relationships.

On demand scaling and pricing

Benefit from the potential of a managed cloud native infrastructure

Lower development and maintenance costs

By offering off the shelf services and a modeling workbench with seamless support for DDD development

Let's pop up the hood!

“InformationGrid is the data backbone for all our application development”