Release notes

Release 2024.4

Next to several improvements in the area of stability and scalability of the platform, the 2024.4 release also introduces support resource references within other resources. InformationGrid platform Resource references This release brings support for storing references to resources in other … Read More

Release 2024.3

The main focus of the 2024.3 release has been to improve the stability and scalability of the platform. InformationGrid Platform Improved scalability As part of this release, several improvements have been made to the scalability of the platform which enhance … Read More

Release 2024.2

With the 2024.2 release, a new type of services is introduced on top of the InformationGrid platform: data sharing services. Therefore, these and future releases notes will be split into “InformationGrid Platform” and “Data Sharing Services”. InformationGrid Platform Chart web … Read More

Release 2024.1

Besides the bugs we’ve squashed in this 2024.1 release, we have an important improvement that will greatly improve the usability of the DSL editor, it’s now possible to maximise it which makes it way easier to work with larger recipes. … Read More

Release 2023.12

With the 2023.12 release we’ve further improved the usability. Trace functionality has been further refined, users can now login using (one-time) tokens in a custom front-end, configuration imports are now much faster and a lot of bugs in the workbench … Read More

Release 2023.11

With the 2023.11 release we’ve further improved on the usability side. Traces have been improved, configuration imports have been made asynchronous and a lot of bugs in the workbench have been squashed. Trace view The usability of the Trace view … Read More

Release 2023.10

With the 2023.10 release we’ve made some great improvements on the usability side. Traces have been improved, the resource detail now allows customization of the way arrays are displayed, and we’ve introduced endpoints that can be used to block and … Read More

Release 2023.9

Hello there! We’ve been hard at work to make your experience with our platform better. In this latest release, we’ve focused on two key areas: smashing quite some bugs and adding some nifty features and improvements. Below you’ll find all … Read More

Release 2023.8

Summer holidays are ending, and with that we have a new release. In this release we’ve added a lot of new string operators to our DSL for more advanced processing and manipulation of string data. Besides the DSL operation we’ve … Read More

Release 2023.7

In this release we’ve fine-tuned the configuration release process. This will streamline the process of progressing from modelling, through testing, to production environments for configurations and settings.In addition to the improved handling of releases and environments, we’ve also made numerous … Read More