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Get valuable insights with InformationGrid: a safe solution for sharing and aggregating data 

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How can data help you make informed decisions and drive growth?

Most businesses are aware that data can help them to understand their customers better and to improve processes and solve problems. But it also raises questions like; how do I know my data is secure and how can I aggregate and integrate relevant data? We have developed a safe solution for sharing and aggregating data: InformationGrid.

Customer Stories



DMI: using data technology to accelerate sustainable urbanization and mobility in The Netherlands



A solution that allows hospitals and general practitioners to share data in order to prescribe better medications.

Guiding you through your data journey

Whether you have a clear idea of your data strategy or need some guidance defining this; we’re here to help you put your data strategy into action. Our SAAS platform enables you to share and aggregate data in a way that’s secure and cost efficient. To keep time to value as short as possible we can build an application that can handle large amounts of data, and we can build it fast by using cloud-native techniques. This enables you to reap the short-term benefits of the data and get ready to start using AI to advance your business.  

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