Release 2023.3

Introducing configuration releases and environment-specific settings

This release introduces configuration releases and versioning support. This means a coherent set of configurations can now be tagged as a release and deployed to different environments. This release also introduces the ability to manage environments. Furthermore, this release includes a new framework to provide environment-specific settings for supported configurations, meaning the value of certain fields in a configuration can be customised for a specific environment. As of this release, only external authentication configurations are compatible with this feature, they allow the shared secret to be customised for a specific environment. Support for additional configuration types will be added in future releases. More information and reference documentation about these features can be found in the online documentation of each InformationGrid deployment (Getting Started Guide → The release process).

Dialog to create a release (candidate) within the workbench


  • Journal filters pane toggles the wrong toggle
  • Fixed layout of the “Add resource” dialog
  • Fixed an issue where the Translation editor didn’t load resource types with more than 1 property created with the latest workbench version
  • Fixed some small rendering issues in the configuration tree when using Safari
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