Release 2023.4

Introducing scheduled queries

This release introduces a new exciting feature, namely, scheduled queries. This new feature can be used to trigger actions without user interaction. There are certain situations where scheduled event processing is required. For example when event timing matters, it’s now possible to act on exceeded deadlines whilst awaiting events, by sending out a notification for example. A scheduled query queries a document collection at a configured interval and publishes a stream of resources retrieved from the collection to a queue. By creating a message processor for the queue topic to which the query results are published, a scheduled query can be used for all processor actions like for example executing a command, updating a document collection or calling external HTTP endpoints.

Example of a scheduled query configuration

Web components

The web components offered by InformationGrid are now publicly available in the NPM registry. This means web components can now be installed as any other node module in web applications. See npm: informationgrid-webcomponents.


  • Added the possibility to rename resource type configurations


  • Search input in the configuration view is not lowercased anymore
  • Editing a resource in the expression evaluator context is not returning blank input fields anymore
  • It’s not possible anymore to submit a form while a blob is being uploaded
  • The searchable select box now shows all options even when there is already a value. The selected option is highlighted
  • The save button is re-enabled in the basic resource type editor after removing a property which transitions from an invalid state to a valid state
  • The alignment between dropdowns and normal input fields are fixed in the web component
  • Newly created configurations in the workbench are now immediately available/viewable
  • Configuration tree styling remains intact when switching between views
  • Authorisation configurations are now being updated after renaming the related configuration
  • Navigation between configuration is re-added by clicking on links in the configuration view
  • Added consistent order of types in the configuration filter in the configuration view
  • The metadata modal for blobs are now shown on top of the currently opened modal
  • Value type selection now correctly works in the Dutch version of the workbench
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