Release 2023.6

With 2023.4 being the previous release, the next version expected would be 2023.5. About a month ago the 2023.5 was created, but during our final round of testing we decided the release was not up to our standards to push to production for our customers. We spent some extra time resolving any issues we found, polishing the features we introduced and including some nice to haves that initially didn’t make it. With all features polished and tested we have now created a 2023.6 release.

Aggregate manager

This release introduces the Aggregate Manager, a powerful web component that simplifies the creation of user interfaces for managing aggregates using commands. It simplifies the process of creating such user interfaces by modelling the component in InformationGrid and make it available as web component which is ready to use in any web application. Under the hood it uses a Resource master to display an overview of all aggregate instances, a Resource detail to display all details of a particular instance, a Task panel to display a list of all commands which can be executed and Forms to request the payload for each command to execute.

The Aggregate Manager component provides developers with flexible configuration options, allowing them to adapt the component to suit their specific needs. The component can also be customised and extended to align with the project’s visual design and branding.

Collection manager

Similar to the aggregate manager a new collection manager web component has been introduced, which simplifies creating a user interface for (event sourced) document collections. The collection manager component uses the existing (searchable) resource master and provides CRUD (Create Read Update Delete) operations for a document collection. 

Frontend hosting

Another new feature introduced is support for frontend hosting.
Previously, hosting a user interface on top of IG had to be done independently. Now we provide a unified solution to easily configure, deploy and host web applications from within the workbench. By introducing frontend hosting, we bridged the gap between the created models in the workbench and web applications using those models via the public API, as the latter can be hosted alongside your models.

The hosted web applications also benefit from included built-in authentication support. This feature provides a way to secure applications and a seamless login experience. In this release, support for Google and Azure authentication providers and anonymous access (users logged out or without an account) has been included.

New visualisation for (searchable) resource master

Besides the existing ‘table’ layout for the resource master overview, there is now also the ‘card’ layout which displays each item as a card instead of a table row.


  • Configuration tree does not collapse anymore after deleting or moving a node in the tree;
  • Configurations without translatable fragments are not visible in the tree of the ‘Translations’ view anymore;
  • The ‘Task panel’ web component now displays commands when no aggregate instance is specified, based on the modelled command preconditions;


  • When renaming a resource type, associated authorisation and translation configurations are renamed as well;
  • The event data in the Trace view is properly displayed again.
Note: in order to use the new features as described above, IG webcomponents are required to be updated to the latest version 1.2.0, see
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