Release 2023.7

In this release we’ve fine-tuned the configuration release process. This will streamline the process of progressing from modelling, through testing, to production environments for configurations and settings.
In addition to the improved handling of releases and environments, we’ve also made numerous improvements in the modelling workbench and throughout the application.

Introducing the new Environments view

An important part of the updated release process is the new Environments view, which replaces the Environment Settings view in the Management perspective.

This view provides the functionality to maintain environments as well as deploy releases with custom settings to each of them. In addition, this view can now communicate directly with target environments to show the currently deployed release, and wether or not an update is available for that environment based on releases that are available locally.

Environment-specific settings can now be modified as part of the “Deploy release” procedure:

The process of creating a release from the Modelling view has been improved as well, for example when trying to create a release without meeting all preconditions, such as having no validation errors, no uncommitted changes, etc. users will be made aware in advance.

More information on this topic can be found in the getting started guide for the release process in the updated online documentation for this release.

New features

  • Added support for hiding non-top level configurations in lookups


  • Added refresh option to aggregate view
  • Aggregate view no longer loads all events at once
  • Aggregate snapshotting based on default projection implemented
  • Use of Content-Length instead of fileSize in frontend resource
  • Improved messages logged in the KafkaQueueService


  • Do not allow empty variable names in the context in the expression evaluator
  • Configuration editor view broken on empty configuration
  • Aggregate view model not updated when resource type changed
  • Possible to delete configurations again while deleting
  • Adding new node to a node that is collapsed doesn’t display the new node
  • Aggregate perspective shows empty error box after delete command
  • Download configurations action is inconsistent in downloading zip
  • Command form not updated after updating related resource type
  • Configuration validation messages displayed too late and removed too late in workbench
  • Editing a pre-fill recipe in the aggregate manager configuration is near to impossible on a small screen
  • Value mapper suggestions suggest there is a result variable, but that’s not there during evaluation
  • Warning badges in authorisation view not shown on containing folder
  • Azure / Google login options in frontend don’t work when the default hostname is used
  • Journal view doesn’t properly clear aggregate type
  • Truncate all datastores also deletes frontend configuration web app
  • Command button not visible when using override in aggregate manager
  • Associated config could not be found in configStore while adding hidden configurations
  • Can’t remove member from array of resource type group
  • Remove map entry by value does not work
  • Frontend redirects requests for static custom login page resources to /login
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