Release 2023.8

Summer holidays are ending, and with that we have a new release. In this release we’ve added a lot of new string operators to our DSL for more advanced processing and manipulation of string data.
Besides the DSL operation we’ve improved the stability and monitoring of our platform by adding some technical probes in our backend which will provide us the information necessary to automatically recover from application failure, making InformationGrid more resilient.

Introducing the new DSL string operators

  • lowercase <string expression> will lowercase the string
  • capitalize <string expression> will capitalize the string
  • is <string expression> blank checks if the string is null or if the string consists solely of whitespace characters
  • length of <string expression> returns the number of characters in a string, e.g. length of "Hello" returns 5.
  • part of <string expression> from <start integer expression> to <end integer expression> returns a part of string from start index to end
  • split <string expression> at <string expression> splits a string into a array. Can be used to split comma separated list in string into an array e.g.: “first,second“ results into [“first“, “second“]
  • concatenate <array of string> separated by <separator string expression> The opposite of the split operator. Can be used to form a string from an array e.g.: [“first“, “second“] → “first,second“
  • replace first <target string expression> in <origin string expression> with <replacement string expression> Will replace the first occurrence of an string expression with the replacement.
  • replace all <target string expression> in <origin string expression> with <replacement string expression>. Functions as the replace first operator but will replace all the occurrences
  • index of <target string expression> in <origin string expression> returns the index (position, 0-based) of the first occurrence of the target in the string
  • indexes of <target string expression> in <origin string expression> returns an array of all the positions of the target string expression starting from the origin

The complete documentation and examples are available in the InformationGrid documentation: Language reference → Common language elements → String operators.


  • Added dropdown for field selection when adding a lookup constraint to a property


  • Configuration tree context menu was sometimes only partially visible
  • Journal view: table row collapse completely when collapsing a nested resource in the details
  • Aggregate timeline arrow is now positioned correctly when error message present
  • Name is now used in filter selectboxes instead of tenant identifier
  • Collection browser now works for collections with physical tenant isolation
  • Improved error handling during Zip import (with blobs)
  • Aggregate type api is now available when using physical tenant isolation
  • Repeating message with Zip-name when uploading Zip is fixed
  • Configuration edit form no longer resizes erratically when editing aggregate type DSL recipes
  • Expression evaluator now shows ‘0’ result
  • Rename with different casing in configuration tree not allowed
  • Languages lookup returns the default language
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