Release 2023.9

Hello there! We’ve been hard at work to make your experience with our platform better. In this latest release, we’ve focused on two key areas: smashing quite some bugs and adding some nifty features and improvements.

Below you’ll find all the details of the changes we’ve made to ensure a smoother user experience.

Configuration warnings

This release introduces a new mechanism to raise warnings for configurations. Previously, a configuration could only be valid or invalid, we have now introduced warnings as an intermediate level, providing more nuanced insights and proactive guidance to improve models. The warnings are visible in the configuration editor, the configuration tree and in the repository status (top right corner).

DSL changes

We have deprecated the transform function in the expression DSL, which has been replaced with the map function. When the transform function is being used, the new warning mechanism will kick into action and indicate it’s deprecated and that it should be replaced with the map function.

Please update your configurations if needed, as we will remove support for the transform function in a future release.

Comparing resources

It is now possible to compare two resources for equality, using the operators == or !=. Additionally, you will also be warned if you try to compare objects of a type for which comparison is not supported.


  • Timestamps are now displayed with milliseconds in the workbench and in the IG web components
  • An event is emitted in the AggregateManager web component upon selecting a record


  • Fixed an endless loop when retrieving DSL suggestions for a command recipe using the provided that construct
  • Solved problem when Importing configurations on Windows platform
  • Login on the workbench while having an old auth cookie works
  • Repository status led is now always up to date
  • Tree decorations are now updated after a git revert
  • The resource transformer preview now works for newly created transformers
  • Creating a resource type using the ‘create new resource type’ button within editor now functions correctly again
  • Creating an aggregate for the first time no longer display the create event two times
  • Fixed links inside the collection browser towards the associated configuration
  • Improved the expression evaluator:
    • It now correctly displays responses of lists of resources
    • It displays empty & false validation results
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