Release 2023.12

New IG web components version
With this new 2023.12 release, the IG web components are updated as well. Please upgrade to version 1.8.0. See
for more information 

With the 2023.12 release we’ve further improved the usability. Trace functionality has been further refined, users can now login using (one-time) tokens in a custom front-end, configuration imports are now much faster and a lot of bugs in the workbench have been squashed.

Trace view

We have further improved the usability of the trace view:

  • When disabling a trace, you will be asked if already collected data for that trace should be removed. Clearing trace data prevents it from accumulating unnecessarily.
  • Functionality to disable and/or purge all traces at once has been added.
  • Traceable services that have traces with errors are now identified with a badge:

Front-end hosting support for (one-time) token-based logins

It is now possible to configure a login option for custom InformationGrid front-ends that allows users to login using a (one-time) token. For example, this could be used to create a user-specific link containing such a token that can be provided to the user through e-mail or other means, allowing them easy access to some functionality they need to interact with (for example, a form they need to fill out).

Note that the creation and management (e.g. expiration) of such tokens is up to the developer that wants to use these. For more information on how to configure and implement this, please refer to the documentation, available from the workbench.

Other improvements and bug fixes

  • It is now possible to configure what should happen after a command is executed in the Aggregate Manager configuration. Possible actions are:
    • return to the overview (the previously hard-coded behaviour)
    • refresh the aggregate instance detail view
  • Added the option to add custom fields to Resource Detail configurations, by providing a mapping from the record type to a different resource type.
  • Fixed automatic renaming of translation profiles sometime not functioning on rename of the configuration the translations applied to.
  • Fixed an error that occurred when comparing numeric values of different types representing the same “logical” value (e.g. 1 – integer and 1.0 – float).
  • Display a warning when comparing values of different types in “query” filters, e.g. the where clause inside document projections or lookups.
  • Significantly improved the performance of importing a repository zip-file containing hundreds to thousands of configurations into the workbench.
  • As a follow-up to feedback being displayed asynchronously on import a repository zip-file that we included in the previous release, the same now happens when removing all configurations.
  • Fixed an issue where the user impersonation functionality in the workbench didn’t work as expected; using “as user” in one view and then reverting back to the workbench user in another view didn’t clear the impersonated user in the first view and also didn’t show that actually the impersonated user was still being used.
  • A DSL recipe containing only whitespace (spaces, tab, empty lines, etc) is now considered empty for the purposes of validation, which prevents configurations from being flagged as invalid.
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