Release 2024.3

The main focus of the 2024.3 release has been to improve the stability and scalability of the platform.

InformationGrid Platform

New IG web components version
With this new 2024.3 release, the IG web components are updated as well. Please upgrade to version 2.2.0. For more information see and the belonging documentation on IG Web components documentation. 

Improved scalability

As part of this release, several improvements have been made to the scalability of the platform which enhance the performance, stability and availability of the platform. This results in better handling of larger workloads.

Improved tracing

  • Traces now include trace information for expressions evaluated in command actions
  • Trace messages about HTTP Endpoints now contain a clear message stating that a given URL is incorrect
  • Traces now show the payload for POST/PUT requests made to an HTTP Endpoint, in addition to the response

Improved REST API / OpenAPI

The REST API / OpenAPI specification has been improved for a number of endpoints:

  • Waiting for a projection to be updated as a result of an event or message being received is now possible through a new waitForProjection API call
  • The document projection created for for an event sourced document collection no longer has an OpenAPI interface, as it’s not intended to be interacted with directly
  • The OpenAPI specification for a document collection backing a projection has been made “read-only”, to reflect the fact that it’s not intended to be modified directly

Improvements and bug fixes

A number of smaller improvements have been made and several bugs have been fixed in this release as well, most notably:

  • Value mapper input arguments of user defined value type properties no longer render the value mapper unusable
  • Several aggregate manager improvements:
    • command forms can now again be submitted within the aggregate manager
    • when selecting and then deselecting a resource, the list of available eligible commands now updates correctly
  • Uploading events without payload to a journal is now allowed
  • Fixed a situation where uploading journal contents for one journal would cause errors in other journals afterwards
  • Lookup improvements:
    • lookup results now refresh after changes elsewhere in the form (that could affect the values returned by the lookup)
    • fixed some lookups provided by the system that were not working correctly
  • The “tail” functionality in the queue browser has been updated to only include events that are received while the tail is active
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