Release 2024.4

Next to several improvements in the area of stability and scalability of the platform, the 2024.4 release also introduces support resource references within other resources.

InformationGrid platform

New IG web components version
With this new 2024.4 release, the IG web components are updated as well. Please upgrade to version 2.3.0. For more information see and the belonging documentation on IG Web components documentation.

Resource references

This release brings support for storing references to resources in other resources. A reference to a resource can be expressed in a resource type as shown below.


When resources of this type are created, a reference to the selected resource is stored instead of the referred resource itself. The DSL is extended with several constructs to create and resolve references where needed. The following are some examples:

  • Create a reference:new reference to resource from "Document Collection" "CarStore" identified by "Brand"
  • Resolve a reference:declare resolvedCar = resolve reference employee.leaseCar

Web components

The Form web component will display a lookup field when a resource reference is modelled, allowing one to select a resource from the given provider. The resource master and resource detail will hide resource reference fields by default.

More information about the resource reference feature can be found in the documentation.

Bug fixes

Besides the resource reference support, several bugs have been fixed as well:

  • The matching clause in document projection DSL’s will be validated from now on. Because that clause was not validated before, one could see validation errors in case you have invalid matchers
  • The where clause in the search projection DSL will be validated from now on
  • Boolean values are now correctly rendered and translated based on the given locale (if any) in the Resource Detail web component
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