Release 2024.5

InformationGrid platform

New IG web components version
With this new 2024.5 release, the IG web components are updated as well. Please upgrade to version 2.4.0. For more information see and the belonging documentation on IG Web components documentation. 


The OpenAPI schemas generated for configured services have been improved. From now on the fields that hold the InformationGrid resource type information (_type and _version) are included in the schemas that are generated. When using resource type groups the type field is used to generate a discriminator.

With these OpenAPI schema improvements it’s even easier to integrate by using code generators to generate clients to work with InformationGrid services.

iShare login

When using the InformationGrid platform together with the data sharing services its now possible to use iShare as a login provider.

InformationGrid Login dialog displaying the new iShare identity provider support


  • A retrieveAll events operation is added to the journal OpenAPI spec of an aggregate type
  • The typeIdentifier in the event metadata schema for the journal OpenAPI spec of an aggregate type is now an enum instead of a string
  • A create configuration operation is added to the ConfigurationStore OpenAPI spec
  • The chart component now has the option to apply a filter
  • The session timeout for frontends that use authentication is extended to 10 hours
  • The frontend will redirect users to the page that was requested after login

Bug fixes

  • The queue rest api response now returns the queue messages as json objects instead of strings
  • The response type for the retrieve operation in the OpenAPI spec for an aggregate type has changed to match the response that’s actually returned by the API
  • The list of commands in the execute command dialog will keep working even if there are many commands with a large recipe
  • The frontend includes a Vary header for pages for which a user needs to login, to prevent the browser from showing the cached page after logout
  • The resource detail properly renders values which are references to other configurations
  • The lookup field in the ‘Reset processor’ flight control dialog works again
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