DMI: Sustainable mobility in The Netherlands


DMI: using data technology to accelerate sustainable urbanization and mobility in The Netherlands

Trusted Data Sharing as part of a solution to improve mobility within urban regions

The Dutch Metropolitan Innovations (DMI) ecosystem is a collaboration of businesses, knowledge institutes, municipalities and the Ministries of Infrastructure and Internal Affairs. DMI is the next step toward smartly deploying the opportunities that digitization and technology offer to address our country’s major challenges. Within DMI, digital technology is used to share data to accelerate smart, sustainable urbanization and mobility in The Netherlands. This enables policy makers to make better decisions about sustainable energy and mobility. Which will make the residents proud of the street, the city and the country they live in. Sharing and aggregating data also helps to share insights and improve decision making in new ways. InformationGrid is the data platform to safely facilitate this new innovation.   

InformationGrid as a data platform to enable decision making for today’s complex mobility challenge

The Dutch government has set sharp goals for 2030 in the areas of climate and housing. This requires public-private cooperation and coordination between the state, co-governments, and the socially responsible use of information technology. Data is an essential ingredient in finding solutions to these complex challenges. There’s data available in every area of mobility: data on traffic jams, traffic lights, air polution, housing needs, geographic data, power supplies and much more.

In the next 5 years we are working closely with other parties within DMI to safely share and aggregate data between parties to build new ecosystems to foster innovation. We will share our experience in data strategies, data modelling and AI using InformationGrid as the secure data platform. This allows us to safely share and potentially even monetize the data from different data providers and make this data available to the right analysts and decision makers. Part of our responsibility is also to safeguard the security of the data by enforcing the required privacy constraints and authorizations for access to the data and logging all transactions.

InformationGrid in practice: what can it look like?

Imagine being able to travel to and from work, school and the gym based on realtime data? This would guide you via the quickest route with the most green lights to an available parking space with the cheapest power to charge your car while you’re enjoying your work-out. We’re bringing all the data from public and private organisations together so you have access to all the relevant, realtime data to get you around. Always  Safely.

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Reference case DMI InformationGrid
Reference case DMI InformationGrid