CASE STUDY A Learning Management Solution

A learning platform with all the necessary data from teachers for students

Iddink Group developed a learning platform in which a teacher can prepare learning routes for students. This allows teachers to orchestrate a learning experience for students using tasks and goals that are tailor-made. This creates a good balance between learning pace and challenge for the students. Data about the subject matter and the performance is the heart of this platform. Data provides the right insights and thus brings value for both teachers and students.

InformationGrid manages all the learning data in a cloud-native infrastructure

The development of this solution was started as a pilot based on InformationGrid. After the successful pilot phase, a new learning platform was created using InformationGrid. All development teams work on the basis of InformationGrid. InformationGrid stores all data, such as student data, subjects, and their performance. Data models and the associated APIs, events and analyses are also managed in InformationGrid. Furthermore, InformationGrid’s cloud-native infrastructure makes it easy to setup new test environments and reliably bring it to production. Because InformationGrid works across multiple cloud infrastructures, Iddink was able to easily switch between public cloud providers.

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