MediGrid: A Data sharing platform for academic hospitals

Sharing real-time data between hospitals, General Practitioners and patients

The development of effective immune-therapy treatments requires an intensive collaboration between clinical organisations and even pharmaceutical organisations. As part of the ongoing work in the NOTCH consortium, where the University of Liverpool is collaborating in a number of clinical research projects, the MediGrid platform ( was extended to support the ingestion, curation, and secure sharing of clinical research data. The main objective of this development was to advance the use of data from hospitals and general practitioners to give users real-time advice on medication that has the least number of side-effects, learn from the long-term data about side-effects in order to developer better medication in the future, and use data to recalibrate existing treatment methods.

Aggregating data from different sources safely

The main challenge that was solved by using InformationGrid was how to combine data from multiple sources into one coherent dataset, without ‘manipulating’ that data inadvertently. By using data transformations and quality checks the incoming data is structured and stored in a single repository. Validation rules were applied, allowing for fault tolerance, privacy settings incorporated, and a logical, canonical model is implemented for retrieval, statistical analysis, or, in future, intelligent applications like treatment prediction.

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