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Develop a booking platform so groups can race together

Esports has experienced a significant advance during the last decade. Esports has long outgrown the stage of gaming in the living room or bedroom. Millions of people worldwide are watching esports competitions at home or in increasingly larger locations. The Official F1® Racing Centre saw a great opportunity for a new concept in sim racing. Real-life racing in a car on a track is not accessible for most people. That’s why Official F1® Racing Centre has come up with a new concept where groups can race together in professional racing simulators. These simulators provide a realistic representation and experience.

Real time data in multiple places using the InformationGrid platform

Official F1® Racing Centre asked Luminis to develop the booking platform. Because this had to be delivered in a short time and because they want to do a lot with the customer and reservation data, InformationGrid was chosen as the development and data platform. The advantages of the combination of model-based development with an event-based architecture of InformationGrid resulted in a system where all data is handled in real time. Reservations are, for example, events that can be handled in multiple places. InformationGrid can implement real-time operations and present the data in overviews and dashboards.

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