Summario: A Personalized Learning Platform

Set up new learning environments quickly and flexibly thanks to a scalable data platform

As a result of a joint-innovation project, involving schools, publishers, and educational service providers, Luminis developed a personalised learning platform ( that allows schools as well as businesses to create immersive and individualised learning experiences for teachers, trainers and students.Whereas most digital learning solutions have been built to support the organization and administrative needs of the organization supplying education, is an adaptive learning platform that has been designed with the individual learner as its core focus. It is based on a data driven approach, whereby all information required for the organization’ back-office needs are available without detracting from the goal of delivering a learning environment that can be integrated into almost any organization. By using InformationGrid as the enabling platform for, it was possible to achieve both short time to market of new releases as well as smooth creation of new insights, dashboards and adoption of new content models.

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