Release notes

Release 2023.6

With 2023.4 being the previous release, the next version expected would be 2023.5. About a month ago the 2023.5 was created, but during our final round of testing we decided the release was not up to our standards to push … Read More

Release 2023.4

Introducing scheduled queries This release introduces a new exciting feature, namely, scheduled queries. This new feature can be used to trigger actions without user interaction. There are certain situations where scheduled event processing is required. For example when event timing … Read More

Release 2023.3

Introducing configuration releases and environment-specific settings This release introduces configuration releases and versioning support. This means a coherent set of configurations can now be tagged as a release and deployed to different environments. This release also introduces the ability to … Read More

Release 2023.2

Introducing new user onboarding and password reset flow With the newly added onboarding flow it’s now possible to onboard users allowing them to choose their own password. When adding a new user, entering an email address and leaving the password … Read More

Release 2023.1

Configurations testability Cucumber based test support for aggregate types and value mappers.